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Miss Kyrila Scully has been a student of Titanic history since  childhood.  She has been a member of several Titanic historical  preservation organizations and has performed as “Molly Brown” in the BBC radio production of TITANIC: PRIDE OF THE WHITE STAR LINE.  (CDs  available from the producers.)  She has been performing with TITANIC  IMPACT since 1998, and has a cameo in the National Geographic documentary TITANIC REVEALED.2667_66972786830_667626830_2106181_7454225_n (1)

As a child, Miss Scully was inspired by the movie A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, a British film from the 1950’s which is regarded as the most accurate  movie about Titanic.  After suffering a series of traumatic events, Miss Scully says she came away from watching the film with her first  profound thought, “If those people could survive THAT, then I can  survive THIS.”  Miss Scully hopes to encourage others to adopt this  philosophy to overcome their own personal “Titanic experiences.”

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Titanic Impact features a 30 minute performance by talented actress, Miss  Kyrila Scully.  Miss Scully portrays a number of Titanic survivors, and each  performance is tailored to the venue where TITANIC IMPACT is presented.  Following the monologue is a Q&A session and a tour of Miss  Scully’s personal collection of Titanic memorabilia including artifacts, ephemera, film props and reproductions of items retrieved from  Titanic’s debris fields.

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